Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sing What You Mean!

My Worship Pastor called me in her office this afternoon and handed me a CD,
a Music Book and a mission: Sing this song for special music Sunday.

OK, I am a soloist and member of the praise team, so I sing on occasion what I call
"assigned" music. Generally, I get to choose something that I have been
working on myself. You know, the songs that you hear and really move your
spirit and you can't wait to sing them to someone else?

The song she asked me to sing is a real fun song, called "It's Alright" It has a
gospel style rhythm, (just what I like!) So, this afternoon I am looking over the
words. I like to meditate on the message of a song even before I start the vocals.

The first verse reads, "When I wake up in the morning, there's a smile on my face,
and with joy down in my heart..." Second verse starts, "If you ask me why I am so happy..."

I am thinking to myself, "Girl, you are going to be singing those words Sunday morning?"

Sunday mornings in a house of 7 people trying to get ready to get out the door is not the
most harmonious day of the week! Usually, some how during the night, the clothes that were laid out for the next morning have permanent wrinkles, mystery stains or have disappeared altogether. The competition for the bathroom, ("I HAVE TO BE AT FIRST SERVICE!!!") and running out of dry towels (I knew there was something else I was supposed to do Saturday afternoon!)
That is the morning that the cat decided to spit up a hair ball on the wool rug in the living room, and you know that because it just squished under your foot. Someone left the interior light on in the van so the battery is dead.

I am going to be singing about waking up happy and smiling? Maybe before my feet touch the floor. But I will have to look at my family's faces when I sing those words. Will their reaction be "Oh, was that what you call the 'where are the van keys, we are going to be late, why doesn't anyone put things back where they belong ' rant!" Ouch! That may be a stretch for me.

So I will focus on the word JOY. Thankfully, joy is a Fruit of the Spirit. When chaos is all around, I can still have joy in my heart. I certainly will be more focused this Sunday morning, and more consciencious Saturday evening!

In fact, I am going to go look for that other shoe right now...


Terry said...

Great blog! <3
Hey, WE had no towels Sunday morning either!
I really wish we lived closer so I could hear you sing about JOY!!

Lily said...

LOL! I have a tough time with joy on Sunday mornings too, for the same reason. Getting four kids out of the house for church is a challenge, and sometimes I have to check my attitude for church. lol

Nice start to your blog, btw!

Kimberly said...

I love it! I love it! This sounds like my house getting ready for church and me getting my attitude adjusted before I get on stage to sing.... lol Thank God, that he looks at the heart and not our short comings!!!! I wish I could hear your solo!!!!